Statement von Ryne, unser SpaceX Berater

Team HyperPodX competed very well at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition 2. The team worked diligently all week to pass a series of tests and milestones to in order to ultimately become one of only a handful of teams to get cleared to be pushed by the SpaceX pusher in an open-air run in the actual Hyperloop tube. Unfortunately time ran out at the end of the week and the team was not able to complete the open-air run, but the team did complete a structural test, vacuum chamber test, state diagram transition test, and a fully functioning test on the external subtrack where the pod got pushed a short distance by the SpaceX pusher. All of this work and their unique pod design and concept led HyperPodX to receive one of three Innovation Awards during the awards ceremony at the end of the week. This was a great accomplishment in itself, but even more impressive when considering this was the team’s first pod and first time attending the competition.